Check Your Mindset if You’re Not Where You Want to Be

Why you need to change your mindset

How often do you check your mindset to make sure you’re not self-sabotaging your own success? As I’m writing this blog post, it’s Sunday. This is the day of the week I LOVE to relax the most. Generally, on the weekends, I tend to mix a bit of hustle with a ton of chilling. This…

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How to Detox Your Diet and Why You Should Care

Why you need to detox your diet

Why should you detox your diet? Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt bloated, yet you didn’t eat anything ‘bad’ the day before? Have you ever eaten a meal and then noticed, half an hour later or so, that you feel sluggish and super full? And what about uncontrollable farting? No, just…

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Why “Trust Your Gut” Isn’t Just About Decision Making

Why "trust your gut" isn't just a saying

The following blog post is from one of my fav author friends, Micah Joel Dubinko, who has just written a great book that I know will help you and your desire to lead a productive lifestyle. Take it away Micah! I have lots of opinions on things, but some of my strongest opinions are about…

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Simple Sales Funnel: How to Set One Up in an Hour (or less)

Set up a simple sales funnel in an hour

Simple Sales funnel. Argh, they can get complicated if you’re not sure what you’re doing, right? Sure, there’s a time and place for complicated sales funnels, but by the time you’ve reached that level, you’ve probably got someone in place to manage those for you… Nope. What I’m talking about here is setting up a…

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How to Write a Book Using Your Blog Posts

How to Write a Book Using Blog Posts

Have you ever wondered how to write a book using your blog? I know it’s something I get asked a lot, but it’s more framed around “how do I write a book?” What most blog owners don’t realise is that their blog can be turned into a book in a few simple steps. And that…

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7 Stupid Simple Ways to Promote Your Business

7 Simple Ways to Promote Your Business

Are you looking for simple ways to promote your business that doesn’t take a lot of time or cost you an arm and a leg? Me too, which is why I started looking at ways I could use my existing blog posts to promote my business. I want to share with you some of the ways…

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Tips on Using Boardbooster to Automate Pinterest Marketing

Automate Pinterest Marketing Using Boardbooster

Using Pinterest and wondering how to automate Pinterest marketing so you’re not spending a ton of time on the platform? Looking to free up your time and make the most of the traffic that you’re getting? Then this blog post is going to rock your socks off! Since I implemented Boardbooster back in April 2016,…

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Building Your Email List With Challenges

Building Your Email List with Challenges

Is building your email list the main goal for your blog or business? It is for me too. In fact, for 2017, it is one of my main focuses. In 2016, my highest converting opt-ins were the two challenges I have currently running: The 7-Day Side Hustle Challenge and the 5-Day Challenge (how to reduce…

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My Top 5 Planner Recommendations for Ongoing Success

Top Planner Recommendations

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with planners—so much so that I’ve tried several different planners which provides me with a unique ability to provide you with my planner recommendations. Why? I’ve used a lot of them! If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m somewhat of a stationery fanatic… I find it difficult to walk past a kikki-K…

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Common Productivity Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

How to avoid these productivity pitfalls

When it comes to productivity pitfalls, they often occur from the way we measure productivity. How do you measure productivity? If you’ve been measuring it purely in terms of profit, you might have an unhealthy workplace or work space. We’re here to discuss three common productivity pitfalls, as well as alternative ways to measure your…

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