you're ready for a change... you're just not sure what that looks like right now

Did you wake up one morning and realize...
"oops, I did it again..."

Lise Cartwright here... and I got your back. I'll get you the clarity you need so you can take empowered action without second guessing every decision you make.

Your business should be easy and fun.

Otherwise, what's the point in creating a business? Why would you want to work in a business that was hard and complicated when you have full control over what that looks like, amiright?! What that in mind, here's how I help you get clarity so you can take the right action steps for you:

I believe that you can create an online business that's easy, fun, and profitable without sacrificing who you are as a unique human being. When you do you, everything is aligned. It's easy and fun!


I have a confession to make...

In late 2019, I hated my business.

I had completely ignored my gut—my instincts—and allowed other coaches and 'gurus' to tell me how to run my business. As a result, in November 2019, I woke up one morning feeling sick to my stomach. A feeling I hadn't felt since 2011...

What was that feeling? 

It was the feeling of complete and utter dread. Of realizing that I was doing something every day that I didn't wanna be doing... and it made me sick to my stomach. I hated my business — and I mean really hated it. To the point I was physically sick just thinking about it.

That was my wake up call.

And boy, how quickly things changed when I realized I could have a business that was easy and fun!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to running an online business. You always get to decide what it looks like. You can change your mind, change who you serve, change what you're offering as long as it lights you up!

i can help you figure this out!

let's get some quick wins

You're all in. You know that being a creative entrepreneur is your calling. You're excited by the idea of truly being your own boss, of deciding what your day looks like, taking long lunches on a whim, and not having to worry about begging and pleading to get time off just so you can take a mental health day.

But here's the deal. Your online business is your long game. It's your north star. And you certainly don't have time to waste trying to figure it all out, to try and make a strategy or tactic work for you. It's about finding what works for you based on your unique way of approaching things. Your unique way of selling. It's about learning how to create a business that lights up your soul every. single. day.

Because it does to get be simple, easy, and FUN!

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you got this!

When you live out your uniqueness, revel in it, cherish it, how can you not win? And when you apply it to your business, boy oh boy, look out world 'cause here you come!

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REMEMBER: It does get to be easy, fun,  and profitable!

Your job is simple. Figure out what this looks like for you and live and breathe it every day in your business and life. You got this!

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