Tips on Using Boardbooster to Automate Pinterest Marketing

Automate Pinterest Marketing Using Boardbooster

Using Pinterest and wondering how to automate Pinterest marketing so you’re not spending a ton of time on the platform? Looking to free up your time and make the most of the traffic that you’re getting?

Then this blog post is going to rock your socks off!Automate Pinterest Marketing Using Boardbooster. Includes video tutorials and a FREE cheat sheet! Click through to learn more.

Since I implemented Boardbooster back in April 2016, I’ve increased my Pinterest account from 900 followers to over 13k followers! That’s an increase of over 1,000 followers every month.

And this is completely automated. I barely touch my Pinterest account, except to add new blog posts to the H&G Board as well as join new group boards.

If you want to jump on the Boardbooster train, read on and learn how I use it to automate my Pinterest marketing efforts.

Automate Pinterest Marketing: Start With Your Blog Posts

Before you can get Boardbooster working for you, you need to make sure that your blog posts have pin-worthy images.

The easiest way to do this is to create a Pinterest image for each of your blog post in

I use a template, so it makes it super easy to create these for each blog post.

Where it can take a ton of time is going back through your old blog posts and adding these pin-worthy images… but it’s worth it, because why wouldn’t you want new people to read your awesome stuff?

Action Step: Create pin-worthy images for your blog posts (old and new) inside Canva and add them to your blog posts

Once you’ve got pin-worthy images on your blog posts, you need to make sure that all your old blog posts have been pinned to your blog board on Pinterest.

If you don’t have that board set up yet, get to that now. Here’s what mine looks like on my Pinterest account:

Hustle & Groove Blog Board on Pinterest

This is the only board that is dedicated to your blog posts, nothing else. All of your other boards will have a mixture of your content as well as other people’s content, but this board — it’s just for your posts.

When you’re ready, go ahead and start pinning your posts to this board. I’d recommend you do that using a scheduling tool like CoSchedule or Buffer.

Whatever you do, DO NOT PIN ALL YOUR BLOG POSTS IN ONE GO. This will ‘red flag’ your account to Pinterest and cause your pins to drop off the Pinterest map!

Spread your old blog posts out over the next few months and always schedule new blog posts as they are published.

Action Step: Go ahead and repin your blog posts from your blog's board to other boards within your account too.

This is where Boardbooster will make life a lot easier for you in a little bit, but for now, do this for the initial posts you have in your blog-specific board.

The reason you’re repinning and not just scheduling them using CoSchedule or Buffer to these other boards is that repinning shows Pinterest that those pins are worth being showed to other pinners. It’s like the like resharing posts on Facebook…

It’s all part of their algorithm. So always repin from your blog board to any other board, this is the golden rule.

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Before you jump into using Boardbooster to automate Pinterest marketing, it helps if you’ve joined a few group boards.

This will also increase your Pinterest followers and allows your content to be shared more than what you could do from your own boards.

Wondering where to find group boards? Try this website:

You will also find some groups on Facebook that list Pinterest group board invitations. Do a quick search on Facebook and see what you can find that’s relevant to your niche. Join and then start requesting to join Pinterest group boards.

The more the merrier I say, however, there is a caveat to this.

Make sure that any Pinterest group boards you join meet the following criteria:

  • Have recent pins within the last 3 days
  • Have more than 5k followers
  • Have pins that link to the content they are meant to (no spam)
  • Have pins that only align with the board topic (no random, non-relevant stuff)

If the group boards check out against that criteria, then you can happily join. If they don’t, walk away or come back and check them in a few months, once they’ve been cleaned up or have more followers.

Action Step: Research group boards and use the criteria above to choose group boards to join.

How Boardbooster Automates Pinterest Marketing

Now that you’ve got your Pinterest account loaded with all your content and have joined some groups, it’s time to set up your Boardbooster account.

Note: Boardbooster isn’t free, but plans start at $5 per month, making it extremely affordable for what they offer!

Boardbooster can be extremely difficult to set up, mainly because there is a lot involved in what you need to do.

So allow yourself a good 3-4 hours to do this, but once it’s done, it’s done and you don’t have to touch it… except to add any new group boards to it that you join.

The are three areas that we’re going to focus on inside Boardbooster:

  1. Campaigns
  2. Scheduling
  3. Looping

Grab the Boardbooster cheat sheet

#1: Campaigns

The first area we’ll start with is setting up a random campaign for your blog posts. This will automate repinning your blog posts to your own group board (if you have one) or any board where you want it to go.

Watch the video to learn how to set this up and what’s involved.

#2: Scheduling

This second area is where most of the heavy lifting is done from an ‘automate Pinterest marketing’ point-of-view.

This is where you’ll be adding all your boards as well as any group boards you want to automate your pinning to.

Watch the tutorial video below on how to set this up and what’s involved.

#3: Looping

This third area is where you’ll repin content from within your boards, so that it’s being recycled all the time.

Looping allows your old pins to be repinned again and again, so that your new followers see all your old content as well as other people’s pins that you’ve added months or years ago.

This is a powerful tool that really helps to automate your Pinterest marketing efforts.

Watch the tutorial video below to see what’s involved and how to get going.

As you can see from the tutorial videos, Boardbooster takes a little while to setup but is so powerful in helping to automate your Pinterest marketing.

Action Step: Go ahead and setup your Boardbooster account. Set up a campaign for your blog posts, scheduling for your boards and group boards, and looping on your own personal boards. Allow 3+ hours to get this all done.

Boardbooster Maintenance Tools

Once you’ve had Boardbooster going for a few months, make sure you run some of the maintenance tools on your boards, particularly when it comes to broken links. It’s almost impossible to find these yourself without spending days going through each individual pin!

Boardbooster charges 1 penny per pin they ‘fix’, making it super affordable. I’ve never spent more than $30 at a time on the maintenance tools. It’s definitely well worth it to do this on your most popular boards.

Now it’s your turn!

Make life easier and implement Boardbooster to automate Pinterest marketing for your blog or business.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Pinterest is my #1 traffic generator too. Without Pinterest and Boardbooster, I wouldn’t have the amount of traffic to my blog that I currently do, which is over 10,000 views a month!

This could be you in a few short months if you implement Boardbooster today!

Grab the Boardbooster cheat sheet

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