Building Your Email List With Challenges

Building Your Email List with Challenges

Is building your email list the main goal for your blog or business? It is for me too. In fact, for 2017, it is one of my main focuses. In 2016, my highest converting opt-ins were the two challenges I have currently running: The 7-Day Side Hustle Challenge and the 5-Day Challenge (how to reduce…

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Small Website Tweaks You Can Make to Increase Email Subscribers

Use these small website tweaks to increase email subscribers

Are you looking to increase email subscribers but feel like you’ve got no idea where to start? I feel ya. There are so many things you can be doing to increase email subscribers, but sometimes (most times?!) it’s better to go with the things that are simple but provide a good return on investment. And…

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Why Do I Need an Email List? (and How to Get Started)

Tips for building your email list now

One of the biggest questions I’m asked is: “why do I need an email list and how do I start one?” This is then generally followed up with a lengthy email response from me, concluding in the popular saying, “the money is in the list!” But that’s not really helpful, right? So rather than continue…

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How to Write Awesome Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

How to write awesome email subject lines

Wondering how to write awesome email subject lines? Keep reading, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today… You’ve been busy building your email list and you’re pleased to see that you’re getting 5-10 people joining daily. But now you’re finding that although you’ve got a good email list, you’re not sure how to get your…

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How to Setup Automated Email Sequences for Your Blog

Setup automated email sequences

Recently, I’ve been getting into a lot of automation stuff. I’m addicted to productivity apps and I love figuring out how to automate stuff in my business. Particularly when it comes to automated email sequences. Automated email sequences might seem a little daunting to figure out initially, but once you do, holy cow! It will…

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Is ConvertKit Right for Your Blog or Biz?

ConvertKit Review

As a creative entrepreneur, one of the main ways I stay in touch with you, my lovely readers, is through email. And until recently, ConvertKit wasn’t my email service provider… (I know, shock horror!) A large part of what I do on a daily basis involves a heavy amount of email marketing. And to make…

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Cold Emailing: Still a Viable Way to Get New Clients?

Cold emailing potential clients

When I first started out as a freelance writer, finding clients was the only thing on my mind. One strategy that I was encouraged to use was cold emailing potential clients… Cold emailing used to scare the crap out of me. It’s kinda like picking up the phone and calling someone you don’t know to…

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Lead Magnets: How to Create Eye-Catching PDFs Using Canva

How to Create Lead Magnets in Canva

I’m so into creating lead magnets right now. A huge focus of my list building strategy is providing more value and content to my awesome readers (hey, that’s you!) and lead magnets are a large part of that. How easily I create them though, well that can be a little tricky, particularly when I have…

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How to Create a Resource Library and What to Include

Creating a resource library for your readers

If you’ve been wondering how you can create a resource library like the one I have on Hustle & Groove (get access here) then you’re gonna love what I’m sharing with you below. A resource library is a great tactic you can use to get people to join your email list. The aim is to provide a…

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How to Find Ideas for Your Best Lead Magnet

Find the best lead magnets for your website by following these tips!

Finding ideas for creating the best lead magnet and content upgrades for your site can be hard. If you’re just getting started, you might have no idea what you’re even going to provide in the way of content on your blog. So lets start there first. You need a content plan for your blog if…

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