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Using Your Defined Centers in Business


Learn what each center means and what it does for your business.

Below you'll find all the individual centers based on having them defined. They are grouped into whether they are a pressure center, a motor or an awareness center.

The way that you'll use your defined centers in your business is to help you solidify your offers. You will always follow your strategy and authority, but you have natural strengths within your defined centers. These are the places to look if you're feeling like you've gotten off track.

Download the cheat sheets below based on the centers you have defined. You'll also see there is a little blurb about each center and how you might use it's gifts.

In the next module, you'll learn about the individual gates. These will provide you with even more insights on how you can use your defined centers through the lens of your defined gates.


Action Steps

Download the pressure center guides based on what you have defined
Download the cheat sheets below based on the centers you have defined
Use the guides and cheat sheets to help you lean into your natural gifts and talents while also following your strategy and authority

🤯 Pressure Centers:

The Head Center is the center for inspiration, ideas, truths, possibilities. If you have this center defined, you have a lot of ideas and inspirations. You'll come up with insights and realizations easily. Use it to discover new ways to do things. It will also help you if you're working with others. You provide deep thoughts and insights to many.

The Root Center is the center for drive. If you have this center defined, you are NOT deadline driven. This energy is like putting your foot on the accelerator in a car. Once pressed, you're off! You might live in chaos, but you find calm and stillness in the middle of it. You can help others to relax and find peace even in the middle of a storm. The Root Center is also a motor center.

🚘 Motor Centers:

The Solar Plexus Center is the center for emotions. If you have this center defined, then you experience a wave of emotions. You're a feelings person. You can be happy one minute, sad the next. The key is to not get attached to any one feeling or outcome. Go with the flow! Your emotions are contagious. Remember that if you plan to work with others. This is also an awareness center.

The Heart Center is the center for willpower and desires. If you have a defined heart center, then you can move mountains with your share willpower. You get things done faster than most. You know how to handle crisis and can help others in this area too. Follow your heart's desires if it's correct for you.

🙋‍♀️ Awareness Centers:

The Spleen Center is the center for intuition, survival and senses. If you have this center defined, you're intuitive and "just know" when something is right or off when you walk into a room or situation. You are spontaneous and radiate a feel-good aura. You can use this to help others feel good to.

The Ajna Center is the center for thinking. This is where information is processed, analyzed, and sorted. When you have this center defined, you're likely someone who loves to problem-solve and figure things out. When coming up with digital products, you might create tools to help people process things easier.

🎉 Manifestation & Identity Centers:

The G Center is the center for direction, identity and love. If this center is defined for you, you always know where you're going. You know your purpose. In terms of offers, you can help others who are lost to discover their purpose and direction.

The Throat Center is the center for expression and manifesting ideas into reality. If you have this center defined, you can express yourself in a powerful way. Depending on which centers are connected to your throat will influence the way you express things. What you have to say is powerful. Use it to create offers that help people figure things out through your confidence and certainty.

The Centers in Your Business

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Using Your Defined Centers in Business

Learn what each center means and what it does for your business.

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