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Using Your Profile Numbers in Business

PDF Download - Profiles in Business

Google Doc - Story Bank

Video Transcript


What your profile numbers mean for you and your business.

In this lesson, you'll get an overview of how your profile impacts your business. You'll also find that this will resonate the most for you... your personality. 

Below you'll find two resources based on your profile numbers - journal prompts and an overview of your profile in business

Download these and keep them handy as you develop your messaging and marketing materials.

Action Steps

Watch the video and download the PDF Profiles in Business document
Download your profile guide & prompts and see how you can start to be more you in the way you present your messaging and marketing materials
Make a copy of the Story Bank document and create your own Story Bank using your profile as the basis for creating the content 

1/3 Profile Guide

1/3 Journal Prompts

1/4 Profile Guide

1/4 Journal Prompts

2/4 Profile Guide

2/4 Journal Prompts

2/5 Profile Guide

2/5 Journal Prompts

3/5 Profile Guide

3/5 Journal Prompts

3/6 Profile Guide

3/6 Journal Prompts

4/1 Profile Guide

4/1 Journal Prompts

4/6 Profile Guide

4/6 Journal Prompts

5/1 Profile Guide

5/1 Journal Prompts

5/2 Profile Guide

5/2 Journal Prompts

6/2 Profile Guide

6/2 Journal Prompts

6/3 Profile Guide

6/3 Journal Prompts

Your Profile Numbers in Business

Understanding The Six Profile Numbers

What each profile number means.

Using Your Profile Numbers in Business

What your profile numbers mean for you and your business.

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