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Below you'll find a selection of digital offers from action-taking members from The Digital Business Lab (Lite & Premium members). In most cases, the offers you'll see are the first time they are being offered and the first time for the amazing creative entrepreneur to share them with the world. 🙌 We appreciate you taking the time to check them out!

September 2022 Submissions

DBL Premium Members Featured Area

Magic Metaphors Workshop (live)

The truth is: presenting information is not enough in this crowded online/knowledge economy. You MUST communicate effectively. And I personally believe the best way is with metaphoric language. 

More specifically, turning your personal experiences into deep metaphors as a storytelling technique to mesmorize your audience. 

You will learn: 

- to take your audience on an emotional journey, from a present state to desired state 

- to speak directly to the hearts and minds of your audience 

- the magic trick to getting your audience to complete YOUR sentences 

- the formula to lead your audience to the transformation they need 

Brought to you by DBL Premium member Cathi Tarbox

Migraine Journal

Do you suffer from migraine headaches? 

Now is the time to start tracking your migraines. 

This Migraine Journal, log book journal, and tracker will help you keep track of chronic headache symptoms, migraine pain, duration, possible triggers, and relief. It will also help you record the type and frequency of your migraines. 

The records you keep will help you and your doctor to reach decisions about treatment and let you see if treatments or lifestyle changes are effective. 

This journal is easy to use, and you can bring it to consultations with your doctor. 

 *Paperback format, 6 x 9 inches 

Brought to you by DBL Member Anita Plak Semprimoznik

Podcast Profit Pro Self-Study Training

This course helps you market and monetize a podcast and includes: 

Recommended Resources Free + Shipping Book Funnel Template 

Podpreneurs Community Podcast Production Tracker Guest Email 

Templates Guest Tracker Sponsorship Scripts Sponsorship/Collaboration 

Tracker Virtual Summit Tracker Dream 100 Tracker Weekly Wednesday 


Plus more templates, trackers, scripts, and walkthroughs added on a regular basis.

 Brought to you by DBL Member Sarah St. John of PodSeam

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