Pimping Out Your Upwork Profile (updated)

Pimping out your Upwork profile

Setting up your Upwork profile is one of the most important aspects of ensuring a successful freelancing career with the site. Without a decent profile, you can’t be found and you’re restricted to the amount of jobs you can apply for on a daily basis. Really, it’s pretty easy to set up, it just requires a bit…

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Understanding The Difference Between Fixed And Hourly Jobs On Upwork

Fixed vs. Hourly Jobs on Upwork

When you start out on sites like Upwork (formerly oDesk/Elance), you’ll start to see a few different options when it comes to applying for jobs. Some clients will stipulate a fixed price job while others will choose to pay an hourly rate. To really understand which is better, you first need to understand what they…

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How to Ensure Hyperlinks Save When Converting to PDF From a Mac

Converting hyperlinks in a PDF on a Mac

What Happens When You’re a New Mac User! I’ve recently just written and published my very first eBook, which was a feat in and of itself – something I’m still astounded I did. I’ve also just recently converted from a Window’s based laptop to an Apple Macbook Air – which I absolutely LOVE! I cannot tell…

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The Tools List – How I OWN My Freelance Writing Business

The tools you should be using to manage your freelance writing business. See more at www.outsourcefreelancingsuccess.com

I’ve been asked by a lot of people about the tools that I use to run my business with. I do everything in the cloud, from my writing, note taking, to do lists through to my accounting and payment processing. You name it, it’s in the cloud! So without further ado, let’s get into it!…

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How To Increase Your Income Through Side Gigs

Increase your income by adding a side hustle to your arsenal! Check out more blog posts like this on www.hustleandgroove.com

You’ve made it. You’ve reached the point of no return – you’re a fully fledged freelance writer, nailing jobs on Upwork, Freelancer and any freelance writing job board you can find. But you want to do a little more to diversify your skill base and your income by adding a few more strings to your bow.…

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How to Turn an Outsourcing Client into an Ongoing Client

How to turn an outsourcing client from Upwork into an ongoing client! See more tips at www.hustleandgroove.com

Once you’ve been working on Upwork for a while, and your ratings are increasing day by day, you’ll be starting to wonder (at least you should be!) how you can keep your clients and turn them into ongoing clients. Depending on your own business setup, you may want to continue working with a client on Upwork…

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