How to Write Awesome Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

How to write awesome email subject lines

Wondering how to write awesome email subject lines? Keep reading, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today… You’ve been busy building your email list and you’re pleased to see that you’re getting 5-10 people joining daily. But now you’re finding that although you’ve got a good email list, you’re not sure how to get your…

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Guest Post: How to Create a Productive Work Plan for Your Busy Life

How to create a productive work plan

Today’s guest post is about productivity, and how you can create a productive work plan, especially if you find yourself spinning wheels every month. Lexie provides some solid tips and I’m a fan of #2 and #5! If it feels like you’re constantly working but can’t conquer your ever-growing to-do list, you’re not alone. People…

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How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Get Shit Done!

How to stop feeling overwhelmed

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s best to take a step back and figure out what’s going on. Yes, there are a ton of things you could be doing with your life, your business, your relationships. But just because there are all these options and “urgent” things that need to get done, doesn’t mean you should…

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Guest Post: Creating and Publishing a Coloring Book in 30 Days: Can it Be Done?

Case study on how to publish a coloring book in 30 days

Today’s guest post is from a close friend of mine, Sarah. She has a great website that focuses on how to change your relationshiop with money and as part of that, she decided publishing a coloring book on the same topic, would be a great idea! You know I’m all about diversifying your income, so…

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7 Ways to Outsource Work When You’re A Control Freak

When it comes time to outsource work in your business, you know those itty bitty tasks that take all day, do you freak out? Are you a self-confessed control freak like me? Do these words run through your mind at the thought of outsourcing parts of your business…? “No-one’s going to be able to come…

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How to Come up With Awesome Blog Content Ideas That Readers Will Love

Ways to come up with your awesome blog post ideas

Coming up with awesome blog content ideas that your readers will love can feel like pulling teeth at times… no? Just me? Say it ain’t so… *sad face* I think you’re lying if you don’t agree with me ;-). But if you are awesome at blog content ideas, then please share your thoughts in the…

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How to Setup Automated Email Sequences for Your Blog

Setup automated email sequences

Recently, I’ve been getting into a lot of automation stuff. I’m addicted to productivity apps and I love figuring out how to automate stuff in my business. Particularly when it comes to automated email sequences. Automated email sequences might seem a little daunting to figure out initially, but once you do, holy cow! It will…

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Guest Post: 9 Ways You Can Rekindle the Fire in Your Business

How to rekindle the fire in your business

Today’s guest post is about how you can rekindle the fire in your business when things are feeling a little flat or when you’ve lost you’re way! Something I need  to do over the next few weeks… Failures are just setbacks. Quitting when you experience any failure is just foolish, as the road to success…

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Guest Post: How to Make Your Monday Morning Super Productive

How to make the most of your Monday morning each week

Today’s guest post is from Caroline, an avid blogger and writer who loves educating people. I love any tips and tricks I can get on productivity, which is why I’m excited to start implementing some of Caroline’s tips! Enter, the dreaded Monday morning. An all-too-familiar scene that sees you wake up to the weight of…

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5 Amazing Tips on How to Market Yourself When You Hate Selling

5 Tips on How to Market Yourself When You Hate Selling

Does the thought of marketing yourself stop you dead in your tracks? Is this the one thing that is stopping you from starting your side hustle or from growing it to the next level? I understand. I hate selling myself too. I’m not very good at it and I always sound like one of those…

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