Tired of Working in a Cubicle?
Learn how to Leave the Rat Race and Start YOUR Own Freelance Writing Business 

Can you really earn $10, $20, $35+ an hour?
Yes You Can!

Are you:

  • Feeling like a hamster on life's wheel?
  • Exhausted from a daily routine that is unfulfilling?
  • Wishing you could be the one in control of what you do and when?...

...if any of these questions describe what you're feeling right now, then let me share a little bit of my story with you and how I just might be able to help.

Stuck in the Rat Race

DSCF1059I was unhappy.

On the surface, I had a good job in a large company, doing mainly administration work.

What I didn't have was freedom:

  • Freedom to chart my own course through life.
  • Freedom to work where and when I pleased.
  • Freedom to dictate what I wanted to spend my time and money on.

We all have big dreams when we're children. Somewhere along life's journey, our actions and the 'pressure' from society to 'get a good education, land a secure job and stay there forever' whittle those dreams down.

I knew I needed to change in order to have the life I dreamed about when I was young.

Travel! Helping People. A Life With Meaning... Yes Please.

But, I was stuck in the 9-5 rut.

So, What's a Girl to Do?

I took matters into my own hands and initially started to look at ways to supplement my income.

I figured hey, nothing to lose right?

And that led me to companies like oDesk and Elance and the world of outsourcing work.

A virtual hot pot of freelance writing work at all levels - open to anyone who cares to put their hat in the ring!

I hesitated a while before I took the plunge. That little voice kept whispering in my head...

  • What if my writing sucked?
  • What if no one would hire me?
  • What if I hated writing articles on oDesk?
  • What if the average rate was too low for me to make a living from?

...but I knew I had to take action to lead a more fulfilling life.

So I registered and began applying for roles that I thought I could do - and kept checking my inbox, and checking my inbox and checking my inbox - while chewing my fingernails to the bone!

Where were all the emails to interview?

Then something happened...

I Landed My First Client Within 7 Days!

And that first client started the ball rolling...

...10 months later I QUIT my mind numbing day job!

Two years on, I'm location independent.

It's not all easy and there's definitely work involved, but the FREEDOM makes it all worthwhile.

My clients from oDesk have followed me and I get new job offers all the time, mainly from word of mouth referrals and from oDesk promoting my profile - Gotta love that!

I'm now my own boss and can choose to live and work anywhere!

Travel the World

Currently, I'm in beautiful New Zealand catching up with family and hanging with my hubby, but I'm getting the urge to visit Chile and wear a sombreroˆ very soon - Ole!

I now consult, coach and mentor entrepreneurs, small business startups and people just like you.

Here's What Others Have To Say:

Jordan Bryant Jordan Bryant, @kiwijub

Lise, I wanted to say after my initial first read, it has helped me already. Using your tips on how to find local clients, I found two and contacted them, both are keen to work with me outside of oDesk

I have got another job on oDesk as a result of looking local and using your proposal. I feel I'm off to great start already and within the 7 days as you said! Thanks for writing this guide.

Benjamin Fishel Benjamin Fishel, benjaminfishel.com

I was initially sceptical about the looking for work on oDesk. I always assumed it would be impossible to compete in such a large market. The Definitive Guide To Getting Working on oDesk gave me a great structure and some really practical tips on getting started and implementing an effective strategy. Fortunately for us, Lise is someone who has built her business from the ground up using the exact methods she lays out in the book. I’d recommend this to any freelancer looking to get started or expand their client base! Thanks Lise

Learn From My Mistakes

That decision I made two years ago was the best thing I ever did; to regain control over my destiny and lead a fulfilling life.

I want to share the knowledge I've gained in being a freelancer, consultant and mentor. I want to help others avoid making the same mistakes I made.

There are plenty of generic eBooks about making a career as a writer out there. This isn't one of them.

This is the ONLY eBook written specifically on how to setup a great freelance writing career using oDesk!

And unlike a lot of the eBooks out there about freelance writing, this is written by someone that walks the walk and is a proven success!

oDesk can seem overwhelming at first. Learn what you can do to make it an easy transition and land your own clients within 7 days.

Not only can you access freelance writing work via oDesk, but any type of work you can think of, such as web design, programming, app creating, virtual assistant roles, etc, etc.

You are not limited to freelance writing at all!

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What's Inside the Guide?

Inside this easy to read, step by step guide, you'll discover...

  • How to create a freelance writing career via oDesk
  • Fixed versus hourly rates - which is best?
  • How to bid and win
  • How to get results in as little as 3 days!
  • How to keep good clients
  • How to identify bogus clients
  • Access to my own proposal template and emails
  • Detailed list of the tools I use in my own business
  • Other areas that freelance writers can break into for income diversification
  • How to generate leads that you can take with you outside of oDesk

Imagine the life you could be leading if you simply knew what steps to take. A life where:

  • You build warm, rewarding relationships with clients who appreciate you.

  • You are the boss. You have control over your time and how much you earn.

  • You can travel and work from anywhere in the world.

  • You gain the respect and friendship of influential bloggers.

  • You join a network of supportive, like-minded people.

  • You enjoy freedom from the rat race.

Sound Good? Read On...

My eBook gives you the blueprint to start building a very specific skill set of real value in today's fast paced marketplace.

In fact, this eBook is like having a personal coaching session with me. Except I charge a LOT more for those.

It's also going to SAVE you from the COSTLY mistakes I did when I first started out.

Mistakes that lost me over $1,000, simply because I didn't know then what I now know.

So if you're:

  • Dissatisfied with your career
  • Needing freedom from routine
  • Wanting to gain self-confidence
  • Thinking writing is something you can do
  • Wanting to get the chance to shine
  • Wanting to start building a valuable skill set
  • Wanting to supplement your existing income
  • Want to avoid ALL the mistakes I made when I first started
  • Dreaming big and want to know where to start...

Then You Should Take My Advice and Buy This eBook Now! Only $7.97.

Buy on Amazon!

JOIN the many happy people who have used my guide

Missy Cooke

I think Lise's guide is very precise and offers a clear “path” to the reader. If you're looking for a guide that gives you the low down on how to make good money through oDesk, this is it! Nice work Lise!


Missy Cooke, Six Thirty-One
Jana Fadness

I think the content is good. I like how Lise goes above and beyond freelance writing by suggesting side gigs, networking opportunities, etc. It's a practical guide that people should easily see results from if they just follow the steps Lise has laid out. Love it!

Jana Fadness, janafadness.com
Liz Froment

I had never considered offering my services on oDesk before since I had just assumed it was filled with low paying jobs. But, after speaking with Lise and learning her methods, I basically followed them step by step. Within weeks, I had multiple 5 star reviews and had made over $1,000 from gigs. Now, hardly a week goes by that I'm not sent interview requests for good paying jobs on the site. Without Lise's help, there is no way I would have had the success I've seen on oDesk so quickly. This is a must read for anyone interested on cracking the code to oDesk success.

Liz Froment, @LFroment

You've read this far and that means there's a good chance you want to make a change in your life, so what are you waiting for?!

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Still Not Sure? Take A Look Inside:

Table of Contents - The Definitive Guide to Getting Freelance Writing Work on oDesk

Why I’m Writing This Guide

Why This Guide Is Better Than Others

Who Is Lise Carter?

2.0 – What is Freelance Writing?

3.0 – oDesk

  • 3.1 oDesk Profile
  • 3.2 oDesk Portfolio
  • 3.3 oDesk Tests

4.0 – Writing a Proposal That Gets Jobs

  • 4.1 Proposal Tips & Tricks

5.0 – How to Find Good oDesk Jobs

6.0 – Fixed vs. Hourly Jobs

7.0 – Bidding Tips

8.0 – Setting Rates

9.0 – Understanding oDesk Time Manager

10. – How to Keep Clients

11. – Additional Freelance Writing “Side Gigs”

12. – Where to Network

13. – Freelance Writing Tools

  • 13.1 Templates
  • 13.2 Software and Web Applications

14. – Final Words