Using Human Design in your online businessA lot of my mastermind members struggle with using Human Design in their business. It’s often a result of learning their strategy and authority and then trying to figure out how that applies in a business sense.

It’s why I launched the Human Design For Business Mastermind so that I could help other authors, freelancers, and creative online business owners figure how how to use Human Design to grow a business they love.

In this blog post, I want to share how you can truly start and grow your online business using Human Design. It’s a framework I come back to again and again that allows me to make decisions easily.

But more than that, it also shows me how I’m uniquely designed to share my gifts with the world.

If you’ve stumbled on this post, I’m certain you already know what your type, strategy, and authority are.

For the purposes of this post, I’m going to largely focus on the five different Human Design types and strategies, as these form the foundations of a business that’s easy, fun, and profitable.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Using Human Design in Your Online Business

I’m going to break this down for each type and strategy. Simply skip ahead to the one that relates to you.

And remember… while Human Design is a great framework, it’s a tool. If anything you read doesn’t feel right for you, then you don’t need to take it on. Life is an experiment. Human Design is part of that.

You always get to decide what’s right for you!


Using Human Design as a ManifestorAs a Manifestor, you don’t need to wait for anything external to give you the green light to move forward with something.

When it comes to your business, this means that all you need to do is make sure that you feel the DOING action to move your ideas forward.

Just remember to let those around you know what you’re up to so they can get out of your way!

Out of all the types, you’re the one that doesn’t need to wait for something external. However, you need to be mindful that you’re not making things happen from your head.

You still need to use your authority to make sure that it’s the right decision for you.

But you get to initiate your ideas! The nuance for you is understanding that you need to feel a doing action to move an idea forward.

Without the feeling of the doing, then you’re simply operating from your head, which is NOT how any of us are designed to live our lives, let alone our businesses.

When it comes to using Human Design in your business, focus on asking yourself these questions BEFORE you move forward with something:

🤔 Got an idea for a new offer? Ask yourself “Do I feel like doing this within my entire body?” And if you do, then you’re good to go. You don’t need to use your authority in this case. Your authority is for life-changing decisions, not day-to-day operations.

🤔 Looking to pivot your entire business into something else? This is the time to fire up your authority. Depending on what that is, you may need to give yourself a few days to trust how you’re feeling. You still need to feel the doing action first though.

🤔 Struggling to pick a niche? Guess what?! You don’t need to. As a Manifestor, you’re designed to act on the ideas that feel good to you. That might mean stepping outside your niche. And that’s ok!

One key area I see my Manifestor members struggle with is unfinished projects. This is often because they feel pressured by conditioning and open centers.

Manifestors don’t need to finish projects. They are simply here to initiate and act on things they feel compelled to act on. And once the energy has expired for that thing, it’s time to move on to the next.

So when it comes to running your online business, you’ll do well to pair up with a generator or manifesting generator who can see your projects through to fruition with you.


Using Human Design as a GeneratorAs a Generator, you’re not meant to make things happen. The only design that’s meant to do that is a Manifestor.

Conditioning throughout life can often lead you to believe that you’re meant to make things happen, that you should initiate. But that would be completely out of alignment for you.

And I’m certain you’ve experienced what it feels like when you’re out of alignment… frustrated!

You’re simply here to respond to what the Universe puts in front of you and then to only take action on things that truly light you up!

What could be easier?!  

On a recent mastermind call for my Human Design For Business members, one of the members asked “how can I create an environment of responding for myself in my business?”

Every Generator that I’ve met who is trying to use Human Design in their business struggles with the strategy of “waiting to respond.”

I believe the problem is in the wording… can you imagine waiting for something to happen in your business?!

Here’s what I believe and have experienced it to mean as a Manifesting Generator… what “waiting to respond” really means is you cannot do anything in life or business unless it is in response to something external.

That doesn’t mean you need to wait at all. It’s more about confirming that anything you’re doing has been in direct response to an external sign. That you’re not initiating because that’s what you were taught in school.

Here’s what that might look like in your business as a Generator using Human Design:

You get this idea. Your sacral is lit up (that’s part of your strategy, to do things that light you up). That’s the first indication that this might be something for you to do anything with it.

The next step is to find evidence that supports that you’re responding to something externally. If you can confirm that the idea wasn’t something you concocted on your own, then you can tap into your authority as needed to make a decision.

Just like any other type in the Human Design framework, your authority is only needed when you’re making life-changing decisions, or when you want to make sure you’ve got the energy to commit.

Another way to create things to respond to in your business includes paying attention to the questions you’re being asked over and over again. That could be a sign that you need to create a course/offer to address them.

🤔 Run out of ideas? Go and take a look at your social media insights. What stands out? That’s something for you to respond to.

🤔 Feeling jealous? Pay attention my dear Generator! This is the Universe sending you a sign to dig deeper into this. Tap into your gut and your authority and see if you’re excited about doing something similar in your business.

Remember, as a Generator, you’re here to follow your passions. And that includes in your business. 🤩

Manifesting Generator

Using Human Design as a Manifesting GeneratorAs a Manifesting Generator, your job is to respond to what the Universe puts in front of you, then turn all the rules on top of their head! You’re here to experience the world through your lens and then share those experiences with others so you can inspire them to do things differently too.

Similar to the Generator strategy, Manifesting Generators are not designed to make things happen. But there is a difference.

Because MGs have some of the Manifestor energy, you can initiate a little, especially if you have more of the Manifestor energy in your chart. The key is to make sure that when it comes to your business, you’re not initiating things that impact others.

What I mean by that is if you’re creating an offer, if the offer is for coaching or services, you’d need to confirm that you were creating these in response to an external idea or prompt.

If the offer doesn’t involve others to bring it to life, and your authority confirms you’ve got the energy, then you can go ahead.

Bottom line: you’re still not meant to make things happen.

So if you feel frustrated or angry, those are signs that you’re out of alignment.

In your business, you should focus on paying attention to what you notice. That’s the Universe giving you something to respond to:

🤔 Struggling to niche down? As a Manifesting Generator, you might find that you have multiple passions within your business. Niching down isn’t required to make money. What you do need to ensure is that you’re clear on who the target audience is for each offer you create so you can nail your messaging when you start marketing it.

🤔 Feeling stressed with unfinished projects? Don’t worry! You might not finish everything you start, and that’s ok. MGs are here to follow their passions and learn only what they need to learn. Sometimes you learn what you need to learn before a project is finished. Trust that you got what you needed!

As with a Generator, you’ll do well-paying attention to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

If you don’t have those setup, do that now! Data is your friend.


Using Human Design as a ProjectorAs a Projector, you’re here to be invited to share your amazing insights and wisdom with the world.

That doesn’t mean you spend your time waiting around to be invited though!

Instead, spend your time sharing your amazingness and then responding to the questions and invitations you receive.

I have a lot of one-on-one coaching clients who are Projectors and they struggle a lot with “waiting to be invited”.

It’s a little similar to what Generators and MGs experience with waiting to respond.

And the same goes for Projectors using Human Design in their business: it’s not about waiting around until you’re invited. It’s about paying attention to possible invitations cropping up.

For you, it’s also about sharing your insights and knowledge so that others get to experience your genius. Show up, shine your light bright and notice how the invitations and questions start to pile up!

In business, questions are your lifeblood. And just like your Generator and MG friends, making things happen is not your jam.

But you can look for invitations:

🤔 Wondering what offer to create next? Send out a survey to your email list asking them what they feel their gaps are right now. Use the responses to develop offers.

🤔 Want to participate in a summit? Or appear on a podcast? Share the entrepreneurs work, comment on their stuff, show up and share your wisdom and insight and wait for the invitations to roll in!

🤔 Want to launch your most successful offer to a new group of customers but stuck on the best way to market it? It’s time to use your network! This is where you can tap into your past clients or customers and have them recommend your offer to people they follow. You can also interview them, gather testimonials and simply share those. Continue to show up too.

Another approach is to work with a VA who is a Generator or Manifesting Generator and have them manage outreach for you.

Remember: it’s about sharing your wisdom and insight not telling others what you know they need to fix UNLESS they ask for your insights.


Using Human Design as a ReflectorAs a Reflector, you’re here to only do things that you’re excited about after you’ve experienced all the possibilities.

That’s why you need to wait 28 days (or a full lunar cycle), so you can experience all the energies in each centre of your Human Design chart.

So how does that translate in business?

Because you’re here to sample life, experience energy and then reflect that back to the community at large, you’ll want to surround yourself with people who inspire and appreciate you.

You’re not designed to make decisions quickly, so when it comes to your business, simply create and share when you feel inspired. That will always serve you the most because you’re reflecting back what your community needs to hear.

Reflectors work well in business when they have systems that automate a lof the day-to-day stuff for them. You’d also really benefit from a team of Generators or MGs who can do a lot of the big energy work for you.

Build in lots of alone time and rest into your day. You’re a very intuitive being because of all your open centers.

Create an environment that supports you and a business where you don’t need to be there every day for it to work.

As with any personality profile or framework, none of them is here to tell you what to do.

What I love about Human Design is the freedom to interpret the framework as I see fit. Not everything I read or learn about Human Design resonates.

You always get to decide what is right for you. But I do believe that those decisions are best made in our bodies, not in our heads. Human Design provides you with support on how that might look for you.

Life is an experiment. If you treat Human Design as the same, you'll soon discover what it is you needed to know.

Want more insights and to learn more about using Human Design in your business? I'd love to invite you to check out the Human Design For Business monthly mastermind. You can learn all the deets here.

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